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October 19, 2018

Broiler Reliability When It Matters Most

Reliable Flame Broiler

Nieco Customer Kept the Doors Open to Feed Customers During Hurricane Irma

When a hurricane strikes, those who remain behind often are left without power or any reliable means to feed themselves. Local restaurants often step in to help people get through the storm. But keeping a restaurant open during a storm as powerful and destructive as Hurricane Irma was in 2017 is no easy feat.

That’s just what Nieco customer, Juan Cruz did. With the help of a generator and his Nieco automatic broiler, Mr. Cruz was able to keep the doors of his Miami-based Burger King restaurant open, serving approximately 1,400 whoppers, 1,600 burgers and 100 grills each day during the storm.

After the experience Mr. Cruz sent us the following text:

1,400 whopper patties/1600 burger patties/100 grills daily during storm and each patty looks like this… that’s my Nieco

Nieco broilers are known for their reliability and consistent cooking. We’re thrilled that Mr. Cruz was well-served by his Nieco during Hurricane Irma, and that he, in turn, was able to offer a valuable service and delicious tasting food to those who needed it.

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