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Automatic Broilers Help Reduce Labor Costs

December 29, 2016

Automatic Broilers Help Reduce Labor Costs

Where We’re Going: How Nieco’s Automatic Broilers Will Help Restaurants Reduce Labor Costs in the Future

As the minimum wage continues to rise across the country, restaurants are looking for new solutions to improve efficiency in order to keep labor costs in check. At Nieco we know our broilers play a large role in that effort. That’s why we’re working on new innovations to develop broilers that:

  • Are able to communicate with a Point of Sale system and automatically load products that need to be cooked
  • Are able to operate independently of human interaction and self-diagnose when an issue arises
  • Are easier to clean and maintain

Nieco’s president, Korey Kohl, explains:

Interested in learning more about how a new Nieco broiler can benefit your business? Please contact our sales department for more information and a free estimate.