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Broilers For Schools

November 29, 2017

Nieco Broilers For A Variety Of Venues

Why Nieco Automatic Broilers are the Ideal Solution for Schools, Hospitals and Commissary Venues

Nieco Broilers For A Variety Of Venues

Nieco broilers have long been fixtures in quick service restaurant kitchens. What many customers may not know, however, is that the use of Nieco broilers in school kitchens, hospital kitchens, and other commissary venues is growing.

Nieco’s automated broilers are a perfect match for schools and healthcare facilities seeking ways to offer great-tasting, fresh food without dramatically increasing operational cost. Rather than staffing a grill or griddle, kitchen employees simply load menu items on to the broiler, select the correct cook time and retrieve them minutes later, perfectly-cooked and ready to serve. Features such as push bar feeders, multiple belts, and multi-product control further increase broiling flexibility, allowing kitchens to cook different products on the same broiler at the same time.

In addition, Nieco’s BroilVection™ cooking technology eliminates the need to cook large quantities of food ahead of time. Instead, menu items are quickly made to order, ensuring freshness and a superior taste your customers will love.

Nieco’s Marlo Wright, Vice President of Strategic Accounts explains why a Nieco broiler is a perfect solution for schools, hospitals, stadiums, amusement parks, grocery stores, airlines and more:

Are you seeking easy-to-use, efficient broiling technology that will help your facility increase speed of service and flexibility? Would you like to offer your customers better-tasting, freshly-cooked menu items? If so, please contact our sales department for more information and a free estimate.