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Forced Air Convection Grill

November 4, 2016

The Nieco Advantage: Consistently-Cooked Products

Consistently-Cooked Products with Less Effort

In the food industry, product consistency is important. Customers expect the products they love to look and taste the same each time they order. Furthermore, consistent cooking helps restaurants meet food safety requirements, keeping their customers safe.

Thanks to our patented BroilVection™ technology your restaurant or food service establishment can now prepare consistently cooked products, using significantly less effort than what you’d typically spend monitoring a flat grill or char grill. As products are loaded into the broiler, they are cooked on both sides simultaneously using a combination of radiant cooking, natural convection and forced air convection. The result is juicy, seared, flamed broiled perfection every time.

Nieco’s Marlo Wright, Vice President of Strategic Accounts explains:

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