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Restaurant Kitchen Broilers

October 24, 2017

Flexibility And Increased Cooking Capacity To Restaurant Kitchens

Nieco Automatic Broilers Offer Both Flexibility And Increased Cooking Capacity To Restaurant Kitchens

Restaurant Kitchen Broilers

Nieco knows that restaurants in today’s market need every advantage they can get to stay ahead of changing trends and rising costs. That’s why we’ve built automatic broilers designed to increase cooking flexibility and capacity, without sacrificing taste.

Nieco’s Flow-Through broiler design allows restaurants to consistently cook products of varying shapes and sizes. That means in addition to cooking great-tasting burgers, our automatic broilers also perfectly cook other menu items such as vegetables, steak, chicken, kabobs, fish, and ribs.

Want even more flexibility? Consider configuring your Nieco with multiple broiler belts to cook different products at different speeds simultaneously. Add our multi-product control option to program multiple products for a single belt and easily switch between those products to fulfill customer orders.

These design features make Nieco automatic broilers an ideal option for a variety of venues; including fast food, fast casual and casual restaurants, and larger-scale catering operations such as schools, hospitals, hotels, grocery stores and more.

Nieco’s Matt Baker, Vice President of Research & Development explains:

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