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Labor-Saving Foodservice Equipment Technology

September 14, 2017

Labor-Saving Foodservice Equipment Technology

Nieco Labor-Saving Technology Touted in Recent Foodservice Equipment Reports Article

Nieco was recently featured by Foodservice Equipment Reports as a pioneer in The Kitchen of the Future. The mention comes as no surprise to those familiar with the work Nieco has done in recent years to develop new technology that reduces labor, energy and operating costs for food service establishments seeking the ability to provide a wide range of superior-tasting menu items to their customers.

According to the Foodservice Equipment Reports article:

Conveyor or chain broilers are another major labor-saver. Nieco, which manufactures broilers for high-volume burger restaurants, is working to develop automatic broilers that communicate with the POS system, load automatically, operate independently of humans, self-diagnose when an issue arises and are easier to clean and maintain.

Today’s Nieco automatic broilers offer easy-to-use digital controls, pre-programmed cook time settings and automatic feeders to minimize labor without compromising quality.

Nieco is leading the way with cooking technology that results in great-tasting food, faster, more-efficient kitchens, and significant savings on labor, energy and operations costs. If you are interested in learning more about our broilers and discussing your restaurant’s needs with a Nieco sales representative, please contact our sales department.