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May 5, 2022

Meet the Nieco MV Series Automatic Broilers

MV63 Labor-Saving automatic Broilers

Nieco MV Series Automatic Broilers, Featuring the Next Generation of  BroilVection® Technology.

Nieco® has been designing and building our innovative labor-saving automatic broilers in beautiful northern California since 1969, when the first automatic broiler was installed in Disneyland’s Tomorrowland Terrace. Nieco has always had an eye on the future!

Nieco innovations include automatic broiling that cooks twice as fast as other methods, equipment that uses less energy, keeps your kitchen cooler, and reduces emissions, keeping your kitchen cleaner too.

Nieco MV Series Automatic Broilers combine our decades of experience and innovation, the equipment-longevity of the JF series, and favorite features of classic models, for an all-new broiler that keeps your kitchen more profitable than ever.

Labor and Operational Savings

A consistent challenge facing the restaurant industry now is the availability of skilled labor. While many factors are involved in the foodservice labor shortage, the smart application of cooking automation with an MV Series Automatic Broiler can help your operation simplify labor needs.

Free your valuable staff for other tasks without compromising quality. Set the machine properly, then place the product on the belt, and the broiler does most of the work. Rapid, consistent, automated cooking is money saved for your business.

Reliable, Flexible and Consistent Quality

Nieco MV Series Broilers are offered in four base models with customizable features to perfectly fit your space, your volume, and your products. Each broiler model features choices that allow Nieco to meet the needs of your operation.

  1. MV62 – a compact broiler design that is perfect for lower volume kitchens, kiosks, or single menu item broiling (Gas or Electric)
  2. MV63 – a moderate workhouse broiler for medium-high volume kitchens. (Gas or Electric)
  3. MV64 – a high-volume broiler that can keep up with your most demanding sales windows (Gas)
  4. MV74E – a high-volume broiler that can keep up with your most demanding sales windows (Electric)

Whether you’re using an automatic broiler for the first time, or ready to expand your menu offerings, you can count on Nieco® for consistently-cooked, flame-broiled, superior taste for any restaurant or venue.

  • Fast food, fast casual and casual restaurants (independent, corporate or franchised)
  • Large-format kitchens in stadiums and amusement parks
  • Large-scale catering operations such as grocery store delis, schools, military canteens, hospitals, hotels and airlines
  • Food manufacturing

Great Flexibility, Superior Service

Nieco works with our customers to optimize their menus, maximize kitchen layouts, and ultimately to simplify their kitchen labor needs with consistent product output. IoT capable, programmable touchscreen controls for easy operation, training and added flexibility are standard on every MV Series broiler.

Because Nieco hand-builds each broiler in our Windsor, California facility, you can be assured that the needs of your kitchen operation are considered.  Thoughtful design features and options available keep your kitchen humming along at a brisk and profitable clip.

Find the best broiler for your operation with the Broiler Selector Tool and request a free quote. 

Interested in Ventless Operation?

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