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Durable Restaurant Broilers

January 11, 2017

Nieco’s Broiler Development

The Customer’s Role In Nieco’s Development Process

Nieco’s broilers are designed to produce consistently-cooked products 100% of the time. How do we ensure that happens? We work with real customer products during our development and testing phases, considering the different nuances of a customer’s menu to ensure we’re developing a broiler to meet the restaurant’s specific needs.

For example, Nieco broilers are known for producing delicious tasting burgers – but a burger isn’t just a burger. Our team considers patty size, thickness, the blend of fat and muscle in the meat, all things that will affect the design of the equipment so those patties cook properly.

Our development team also considers our customer’s daily routine when developing durable broilers that are easy to operate, clean and maintain by restaurant staff.

Matt Baker, Nieco’s Vice President of Research and Development, explains more about the different factors that influence our development process:

If you are interested in learning more about our broilers and discussing your restaurant’s needs with a Nieco sales representative, please contact our sales department.