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Superior Burger Taste

April 13, 2017

Nieco’s Taste Is Superior

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Our Customers (And Their Customers) Agree – Nieco’s Taste Is Superior To Flat Grill Cooking

We love talking with our customers, so we were especially pleased last week to hear from Linda Burroughs, owner of two restaurants in the Grants Pass area of Southern Oregon.
Linda recently switched over from a flat grill that came with her restaurant to a new Nieco. Here’s what she had to say about her experience:

“We have two stores with flat grills. When we switched over to the Nieco, the first thing we noticed was the flavor. Going from the flat grill (where [burgers] cook in their own juices, basically steaming themselves until they’re done) to the flame broiled flavor of the Nieco – there is just no comparison. It is such a better product! It reminds me of a barbeque at home. Customers also commented on how good our burgers were as soon as we switched over to the Nieco.”

Linda also liked the ease of cleaning her Nieco, the responsiveness of Nieco’s support team whenever she had questions or needed help, and the labor-saving aspect of her new broiler:

“The flat grill was definitely labor-intensive because you have to babysit the burgers. The Nieco you just load it up and go.”

Linda’s experience with her new Nieco broiler is what we’re all about. If your restaurant is currently using a flat grill and you’re interested in exploring a switch to a new Nieco broiler, please contact our sales department, or call 800-821-2141.