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Automatic Flame Broiler For Fresh Food And Frozen Food Items

October 29, 2018

Push Bar Or Wire Belt?

Nieco Offers Multiple Automatic Feeder Options for Cooking Fresh and Frozen Menu Items

Are you considering upgrading to a new Nieco automatic broiler? If so, then you have options! When purchasing a new Nieco, customers choose:

  • Their broiler’s utility configuration
  • The number of belts on their broiler
  • The flow of operation that works best for their kitchen
  • Accessories they wish to include with their broiler purchase
  • To place their broiler on a stand or on legs

In addition, when selecting their belt configuration, customers may customize their broiler further by choosing which automatic feeder to use on each belt.

Nieco offers two main types of automatic feeders: Push Bar and Wire Belt. How do you know which feeder is right for your restaurant? The answer to that question largely depends on what you’re cooking.

The Push Bar option allows you to take advantage of labor savings by stacking your frozen product and walking away. The Wire Belt option allows you to cook a variety of fresh or frozen irregularly-shaped products.

Marlo Wright, Vice President of Strategic Accounts explains:

Burgers come in several forms. You can get them fresh or you can get them frozen, and we can do both. We have the wire belt feeder for fresh product and push bar feeder for a frozen product. [The push bar feeder] allows you to stack up to 10 frozen patties on the belt at once. The feeder pushes them in one at a time. If you had a split belt unit you could have a wire belt on one side and you could have a push bar on the other.

If you are interested in learning more about what Nieco broiler may be the best fit for your kitchen, visit our broiler selector tool. While you’re there, learn about the different ways you can configure your own broiler and request a free quote.