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Replace Commercial Restaurant Grill

August 20, 2018

Selecting Your New Nieco Automated Broiler

Replace Commercial Restaurant Grill

The types of products you will be cooking will help determine the best broiler for your business.

Details To Consider Before Selecting Your New Nieco Automated Broiler

For some business owners, knowing what Nieco broiler to replace their traditional grill or older broiler with can be challenging.

To help with the process, Nieco’s sales team walks customers through a series of questions designed to help determine which Nieco broiler may be the right fit for their kitchen based on production size, menu items, and configuration needs.

Here are a few topics to discuss with your Nieco sales representative when considering a new broiler:

  • Menu Items – What are you cooking? How many different products are you cooking?
  • Kitchen Size – What’s your production capacity?
  • Feeder Type – Are you cooking fresh or frozen menu items? That may determine what sort of feeder you need (i.e., push bar or wire belt).
  • Accessories – Will you need an Incendalyst? Gas hose? Spare parts kit?

Nieco’s Marlo Wright, Vice President of Strategic Accounts discusses the questions she asks during the planning process:

If you are interested in talking with someone about acquiring a new Nieco broiler for your restaurant or commercial food business, contact our sales team. Prefer to explore a little on your own first? No problem! Simply check out our new broiler selector tool to learn about broiler options, configure your own broiler and request a free quote.