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Nieco Broiler Maintenance

February 15, 2018

Your Broiler’s Incendalyst™ Maintenance

Tips for Maintaining Your Broiler’s Incendalyst™ Emission Control Device

Many Nieco gas and electric automatic broilers are equipped with an Incendalyst™ device designed to control cooking emissions in the kitchen. Using a catalytic converter similar to those found in automobiles, Nieco’s Incendalyst™ sits directly on top of the broiler and operates on the exhaust heat to reduce smoke and other gases created when meat is charbroiled.

In addition to reducing approximately 85-90% of overall pollutants, Nieco’s Incendalyst™ significantly reduces odor and reduces grease and smoke before it reaches the broiler’s exhaust hood. The latter helps keep the kitchen’s ventilation system much cleaner, improving operation and reducing risk of grease build-up in the ducts.

The Incendalyst™ is easy to clean. When cool to the touch, simply remove it from the broiler and give it a warm water rinse in your sink using low pressure. If you find heavy buildup on your Incendalyst™ you may soak it in warm water for 45-60 minutes. It is critical that no chemicals be used on the Incendalyst™ during cleaning, as doing so would destroy the precious metals that coat materials on the inside of the device, rendering it inoperable.

After rinsing is complete, gently shake excess water out of your Incendalyst™ and leave it on its side to air dry. Once the device is dry, it may be placed back on the broiler for use.

Brian Martens, Nieco’s Service Manager, explains more about how best to clean your broiler’s Incendalyst™:

If you have questions about your Incendalyst™, or need support for your Nieco broiler, please contact our service department via our website or call 800-821-2141.