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Nieco Broilers Reduce Costs

Learn How Your Investment in a New Nieco Automatic Broiler Can Significantly Reduce Energy, Labor and Maintenance Costs

Sustainability & Energy Savings

Nieco Broilers are a natural choice for the sustainable restaurateur looking to save money while reducing their carbon footprint. With faster cooking, up to 50% reduced energy consumption and 90% fewer emissions with Incendalyst® technology, Nieco’s automated belts and programmable controls produce consistently-cooked product with juicy, flame-broiled flavor, reducing waste and increasing speed of service.

With our patented BroilVection® technology, restaurants can now cook the same volume of product as quickly as before, using approximately half the amount of energy previously needed for traditional radiant-only broilers. In monetary terms, that means an annual energy cost savings of between $3,000 and $5,000. In addition to saving on energy costs, restaurants using BroilVection® technology may be eligible for local energy rebates up to $4,000.

Labor Savings

Automate your kitchen line to optimize valuable labor resources! Nieco automatic broilers optimize labor costs and free your valuable staff for other jobs without compromising quality. Employee turnover and training simply do not affect its performance. Set the machine properly, then place the product on the belt and the broiler does most of the work automatically.

Premium Quality, Long-lasting Equipment

Nieco’s Next Generation BroilVection® broilers are easier to clean and simple to maintain. With Nieco’s long-lasting burner technology, our customers save thousands each year by avoiding conventional radiant burner replacement and other costly recurring maintenance.

Nieco equipment is backed by a worldwide sales and service network, with local parts inventories and 24-hour emergency service.

Saved Operating Dollars Today Means Faster Payback Tomorrow

Together, annual savings on labor, energy costs, burner costs and potential rebates allow our customers to pay off the cost of their investment in as little as one to two years of purchase.

Ready to save on operating costs and increase your restaurant's profits?

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We have two stores with flat grills. When we switched over to the Nieco, the first thing we noticed was the flavor. Going from the flat grill (where [burgers] cook in their own juices, basically steaming themselves until they’re done) to the flame broiled flavor of the Nieco – there is just no comparison. It is such a better product! It reminds me of a barbeque at home. Customers also commented on how good our burgers were as soon as we switched over to the Nieco.

Linda Burroughs
Grants Pass area of Southern Oregon