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Following the Daily, Weekly and Monthly cleaning steps described in the owners manual assures peak cooking performance and is essential maintenance.
Note: Our cleaning charts and touch screen cleaning guide tasks are color-coded to support training for cleaning tasks.
  • Contact surfaces cleaned every four hours (green)
  • Cooking/greasy surfaces cleaned daily (red)
  • Hood and Lower Burner Cleaned weekly (black)
  • Upper Air System cleaned monthly (blue)

Tip: Daily Time Savings Kit (PN 27342) offers quick change out of specific parts that help with the cleaning process

A CLEAN broiler is a well-maintained broiler! It's that simple.

Annual Service

An affordable annual Preventative Maintenance kit allows you to replace parts that wear out, as well as evaluate the broiler condition to prevent down time.
Nieco offers a Preventative Maintenance Kit PN 27343 for under $200 with all you need to keep your FH94 performing optimally, year after year.
Estimated labor cost to install is just 1-2 hours for a well-maintained broiler.

  • Quick Disconnect Gas Hose
  • Preventative Maintenance Kit
  • Daily Time Savings Kit
  • Spare Parts Kits:
    • Critical Spare Parts Kit
    • Motor & Blower Kit
    • Touch Screen Controls Kit
    • PTFE Kit

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