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Bern Parliament Plaza at Night

January 20, 2020

Nieco Travelogue: Switzerland, June 2019

World-class Service, World-wide

A hallmark of Nieco’s enduring legacy is our world-class service, world-wide. There are Nieco Broilers operating on nearly every continent, all-over the world!

This wouldn’t be possible without our stellar network of Authorized Service Agents and the hard work of our Sales and Service teams.

Together we ensure our customers have the knowledge and support necessary for their Nieco broilers continue to run efficiently and are maintained to factory-specifications over the life of the broiler. Preventative Maintenance can lower utility costs, reduce equipment replacement costs, and keep your hungry customers happy.

In this blog series, we will share our Team’s stories from the road.

Nieco Travelogue: Switzerland, June 2019

Inaki Fernandez, Nieco Key Accounts Director, Sales & Service EMEA

Mr. Inaki Fernandez traveled throughout Switzerland, delivering training and support to our Service partners and franchisee accounts in June 2019.

Inaki visited to provide advanced training to Service Partner SANSONNENS as a follow up to foundational training provided by Michael Bruder of Middleby. As a result, SANSONNENS technicians are now fully trained to provide excellent service to our customers in Switzerland.

As part of their extended training, SANSONNENS visited several Burger King Franchisees with Inaki.

Franchisee Nils Engel, pictured: Smiling and friendly team members in Renens along with SANSONNENS technicians.

Burger King Restaurant Employees in Renens smiling after training by Nieco

The friendly and attentive team of Nils Engel’s Burger King in Renens.


From there, Inaki journeyed to Bern, in order to meet and provide training to the staff of a Burger King franchisee, with the support of SANSONNENS technicians. Inaki was impressed with the immaculately maintained MPB94. Excellent maintenance is the key to equipment longevity and reliable performance!


Technicians stand with Nieco Automatic Flame Broiler in a restaurant kitchen

Leo Kreienbuhl and Sabesham BK Bern pose proudly with their immaculately maintained Nieco MPB94. Also pictured are two talented technicians from SANSONNENS (in orange shirts).

All Nieco Equipment is backed by a worldwide sales and service network. Nieco travels the world to train local technicians and restaurant staff to ensure the quality and longevity of our Nieco Automatic Broilers.

If you’re a Nieco customer and have a question about your automatic broiler, we want to hear from you!
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