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Broilers That Are Built To Last

December 1, 2016

Broilers That Are Built To Last

Nieco’s Quality Management Process Results In Broilers That Are Built To Last

At Nieco we take great pride in building broilers that are meant to perform and last for many years. To ensure that each customer is completely satisfied with his or her broiler, we follow a detailed quality management process which begins at our drawing stage. As our engineering group changes a product, that change is signed off and drawings are updated almost immediately. New drawings are then provided to all open jobs on the production floor so all machines and components can be accurately built.

Another aspect of Nieco’s commitment to quality involves inspection of raw materials and testing. All raw materials, from small components to purchased steel are thoroughly inspected before they are added to a broiler. Following completion of a build, a full functional test of the broiler – including a features test and a test of all temperature ranges – is completed before the broiler leaves the factory to confirm it has been assembled correctly and meets all specifications.

Nieco’s operations manager, Terry McKenna, discusses our quality testing process:

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