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Steak Flame Broiler, Restaurant Chicken Grill

December 8, 2016

More Than Just Burgers

Nieco Broilers Provide Consistent, Delicious Results for a Wide Range of Products

Because of our long history working with national quick serve food chains, when many think of Nieco they think of burgers. They’re not wrong. Our broilers produce delicious, flame broiled juicy burgers and perfectly toasted buns. However, as we’ve expanded into other countries around the world, where burgers may not be the #1 product offered, our team has innovated with customers to adapt our broilers to cook a much wider range of products including vegetables, seafood, steak, pork, chicken, fruit and kabobs.

Nieco’s international vice president, Tom Holmes, discusses how his team partners with customers to develop new menu items using Nieco broilers:

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