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Customer Support For Restaurant Broilers

December 11, 2017

Your Nieco Start-Up Visit

Getting The Most Out Of Your Nieco Start-Up Visit

Customer Support For Restaurant Broilers

When you purchase a new Nieco broiler our goal is to ensure your immediate and continued success with that broiler.

During the start-up, your Nieco service agent will check the unit to make sure it’s mechanically sound and confirm that all parts are in place. He or she will also verify the unit’s broiling performance and answer staff questions about operation and maintenance.

To get the most out of your start-up visit, Nieco recommends the following:

1. Have current menu items available and ready to cook on the broiler ─ In addition to verifying your broiler properly cooks menu items, your service agent can also help you make adjustments to cook times so products come out exactly the way you want them to.

2. Have employees present during the visit who will be responsible for operation ─ Employees and/or broiler operators will have an opportunity to go through the unit with the service agent and ask any questions they may have about operation, assembly, cleaning and how to make adjustments to the broiler.

Brian Martens, Nieco’s Service Manager, explains more about the start-up visit and how to best prepare for it:

While installation services are not included in the cost of the broiler, Nieco service agents can be contracted by customers who need assistance in that area.

If you need support for your Nieco broiler, please contact our service department via our website or call 800-821-2141.